Hobo Pockets Recipe

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Lori Dunn
Hobo Pockets can feature just about anything you like, including leftovers from yesterday’s dinner.

We make Hobo Pockets (essentially beef stew in foil) from whatever we have on hand. Use up those leftovers in delicious fashion with this Hobo Pockets recipe.

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Hobo Pockets

Fresh vegetables, cut in small chunks
Meat of choice, cut in small chunks
Salt and pepper
Fresh herbs, if available 

Allow one or more packets per person. On foil, place whatever vegetables you have on hand, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, onion, carrots, green pepper, corn, green beans, tomatoes or mushrooms.

Place meat (chicken, beef, pork or venison) on top of vegetables; add large pat of butter on top. Add salt, pepper and any fresh herbs you like.

Close foil and wrap each packet in additional foil. Place in woodstove on or next to hot coals. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes, checking after about 15 minutes.

Use caution when opening each packet as steam and liquid will be extremely hot. Serve leftovers with rice. 

Cooking on top of your woodstove is even easier than cooking in coals. Make sure you have an appropriate pot; any cast-iron pot will work. The high temperatures of a woodstove make it difficult to cook with some pots.

We keep a kettle on the woodstove all the time to help keep moisture in the air, and it also keeps hot water ready for hot chocolate, hot tea or instant oatmeal.

Coffee also can be perked on the woodstove, but it is not fast. The top surface of our woodstove doesn’t get as hot as some, so coffee may take 45 minutes. Still, it’s nice to know that the next time the power is out, we will be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

As I write this, pintos are simmering to perfection on our woodstove.