Using Herbs in Seasonal Soups and Stews

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Old herbal friends often find their way into endless pots of soup.
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Winter calls for hardy herbs in soups and stews.

Winter is the perfect time to use hardy herbs in seasonal soups and stews.

Hardy Seasonal Soup and Stew Recipes

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At this time of year, as we hunker down for winter, thoughts turn to hearty soups, savory stews and flavorful meats turned fork tender by slow braising with liquids. The seasonings are what make these recipes from every corner of the world so delicious and different.

Though we are blessed in Texas with having most herbs fresh in our garden year round, we tend to use the heavier, more robust flavors during this season. This is simply because they hold up to the long cooking times of most winter dishes. Herbs in seasonal soups and stews can be used like bay laurel, rosemary, sage and thyme, these old herbal friends often find their way into endless pots of soup. The strong flavors of these Mediterranean natives are varied by using the seasonings in different proportions and in combination with parsley and other herbs.

Madalene Hill and Gwen Barclay are a mother/daughter team living, gardening and cooking at the Festival Institute in Round Top, Texas. Madalene serves as the curator of the gardens and Gwen is the director of Food Service.

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