Gumdrop Cake and Cookie Recipes

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Lori Dunn
Sweeten up any party with Gumdrop Cake.
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Possibly best suited for children, gumdrop cake is said to have burst onto the American culinary scene in the 1940s. As long as you don’t use the black licorice-flavored gumdrops, cooking with gumdrops is sure to satisfy any sweettooth. Below are a recipe for Gumdrop Cake and Gumdrop cookies.

Gumdrop Cake Recipe
Gumdrop Cake Recipe From Amish Heritage Cookbook
Gumdrop Cookies Recipe

Debra Bailey, Warsaw, Missouri, is looking for a gumdrop cake recipe. It was a family Christmas treat with gumdrops, walnuts, raisins and a white icing.

Esther Hartzler, Harrisonville, sends her fellow Missourian a recipe she’s saved for a number of years. And a quick note: Most of the recipes we received were emphatic that the black (licorice) gumdrops not be used.