Easy Pie Recipes: Cushaw Squash Pie

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Lori Dunn
Cushaw Pie helps you put all that squash in your garden to good use.
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At the end of the summer, we’re all looking for ways to use up those extra vegetables. Easy pie recipes can help with that, and when it comes to squash, one reader specifically asks for help with finding recipes for cushaw squash pie.

Nera Johnson, Berryton, Kansas, hopes someone has a recipe for squash pie, similar to the one her mother used to make using a big, white-and-green-striped, crookneck squash called Kershaw or Cushaw.

Easy Pie Recipes: Cushaw Squash Pies
Cushaw Pie Recipe
Cushaw Pie Recipe with Cinnamon

Several readers discovered recipes with Cushaw in the title, and Jessica Ansley, Perry, Georgia, sent the Cushaw Pie Recipe, while Armyllis Isom, Bedford, Indiana, contributed the Cushaw Pie Recipe with Cinnamon.