Content Cows Produce More Milk

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Contented cows produce more milk.

Learn how content cows produce more milk.

Cows really do laugh, and there might be something to the idea of them jumping over the moon. Researchers at Cambridge University in England claim cows to be intelligent beings capable of developing sophisticated relationships and solving problems. Led by Dr. Donald Broom, professor of Animal Welfare in Cambridge’s Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, the team challenged cows with situations requiring intellectual processes to overcome a set of obstacles. When cows succeeded, their brainwaves showed excitement, their heartbeat went up and some, according to the scientists, even jumped into the air.

On the more down-to-earth matter of putting laughing dairy cows to work, specialists at Penn State University in University Park says content cows produce more milk, a little extra living space is the key to increasing their comfort, longevity and productivity. Researchers reached this conclusion after several years of field studies. In the new book, Penn State Dairy Housing Plans for Milking and Special-Needs Cows (NRAES-200), author Robert E. Graves, professor of agricultural and biological engineering, and his colleagues provide idea plans for freestall shelters and special needs housing for pre-fresh and birthing cows and convalescing and post-fresh dairy cattle. The book is available for $23 from the Natural Resource, Agricultural and Engineering Service Cooperative Extension, Ithaca, NY . For more information contact NRAES by email, NRAES @; or visit the website,