Canning Salsa Recipes

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Green Chili Salsa Recipe
Salsa Sauce Recipe

Every summer, towards the end of the season, rural folk and urban folk alike look for ways to use excess tomatoes out of their gardens. Here are some canning salsa recipes to help in such tomato endeavors. Both include cornstarch.

Mildred Anthony, La Salle, Colorado, sent the first version, saying, “Most of the time, I make a double batch. It takes me a day to wash, peel, seed and chop. After you do this, mix remaining ingredients and store overnight covered in the refrigerator. You need a large bowl. The next morning, remove from the fridge and cook over low heat. Also, I remove the seeds from the green chilies.”

Ruth Swart, Seneca, Kansas, sends the second version.

Caution: Canning any salsa recipe containing cornstarch and/or not expressly tested by the USDA may be at risk for botulism or other microbial contamination. If you want to thicken your salsa, it’s best too pour off the excess water after opening the jar and add the thickening agent then.