Backyard Chicken Coop Giveaway at Community Chickens

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Backyard chickens are never really far from the front of our minds here in the GRIT corral. Just recently, as part of an upcoming GRIT Gear Sweepstakes for the May/June issue, I received a Little Egg Chicken Tractor from, put it together, and am preparing my Lawrence, Kansas, urban yard to accommodate two free-ranging Catalana laying hens. More on that later. Our Community Chickens website,, a GRITMOTHER EARTH NEWS joint production, also currently features a fantastic giveaway; this one a full-blown coop from Horizon Structures. 

The coop really is a thing of beauty. Valued at $2,195, it houses up to six chickens and has three nesting boxes. The run is built-in, and you can lock the coop up at night to prevent predators from getting to your flock. In short, we’re doing all we can here at GRIT and MOTHER EARTH NEWS to give you the chance to start a flock of your own. 

From quiches made with the extra vegetables in the fridge to fresh eggs sunny-side-up with your bacon on a Saturday morning, there is nothing like farm-fresh eggs. They’re healthier for you, are cost effective, and – most importantly to me – offer a person a sense of satisfaction from having a direct relationship with the food they consume. 

No matter your living arrangement, you’ve got nothing to lose. Visit to enter the Community Chickens Win This Coop! Sweepstakes presented by Horizon Structures

Check out the May/June issue of GRIT to find out how to enter to win a chicken tractor. As GRIT Editor Hank Will wrote in his editorial for our bookazine, GRIT’s Guide to Backyard Chickens, “Keep on cluckin’.”

Caleb Reganand his wife, Gwen, live in rural Douglas County, Kansas, where they enjoy hunting, fishing, and raising and growing as much of their own food as they can. Caleb can’t imagine a better scenario than getting to work on a rural lifestyle magazine as a profession, and then living that same lifestyle right in the heartland of America. Connect with him on Google+.