Relax, Renew, and Have Fun at an Italian Wellness Resort

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“We want you to relax,” says the desk clerk as I check into ADLER Thermae Wellness & Spa Resort. Located at Bagno Vignoni in the heart of Tuscany, the resort is known as a place of luxury combined with slowing down, pampering, and leisure.

Like everyone else in this fast-paced world, I am looking for all three and I believe at this this 5-star hotel, one of Italy’s leading wellness destinations, I’ll find everything I need for a fantastic stay.

My room is understated and spacious with a fantastic view of the Tuscan landscape. A white terry bathrobe and flip flops are provided and become my official clothing for most of my visit, along with every other guest.

The Grounds

The 122 degree Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius) thermal springs pool and a second pool heated slightly by the thermal waters takes center stage in front of the palazzo-style hotel. Surrounding the pools are gardens of maze-like flowering shrubs and flower beds blooming in a rainbow of colors this spring day.

On the opposite side of the resort and beyond the spa are a relaxation zone and several saunas, including a modern wood-clad Finnish sauna and a biosauna that helps open up the respiratory tract, promote relaxation, release muscle tension, and cleanse the body.

Cave of the Philosopher is a beautiful and magical place where a high level of humidity and jets of brine based on an ionized salt solution detoxify the body and cleanse the skin.

I quickly learn the hotel is about traditional and modern health science wrapped in a natural and relaxed atmosphere.


A multipurpose sports ground offers a place for basketball, volleyball, and football. Yoga, stretching, palates, and several water activities such as hydro-biking and Aqua Gym are offered

The fitness center with its staff trainers help guests gets the most from their workouts. Participation in group activities is free and includes the guidance of professional supervision.

The resort also offers hiking, biking, e-bike, and e-car outings as well as van excursions to other locations in Tuscany.

Bagno Vignoni

Near the resort is Bagno Vignoni, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tiny village dates to ancient times. The central area of the community, with less than 50 inhabitants, is a large 16th century thermal bath. Because the village is located on the Via Francigena (once serving as the main route followed by pilgrims who went to Rome), the thermal waters were discovered and have been in use since Roman times.

The waters, from the same source as the thermal waters at the resort, originate from a subterranean aquifer of volcanic origins. The Etruscans and later the aristocratic Romans recognized the curative effects of the waters.

Archaeological finds prove the village was a destination visited by important individuals of the time including Pope Pius II, Saint Catherine of Siena, and Lorenzo the Magnificent. Most of the village remains essentially unchanged since the Renaissance.

If you go:

I relaxed, enjoyed the excellent meals offered at the resort, took advantage of the excursions, and am very impressed with services and amenities the resort offers as well as the setting.

The resort also welcomes children aged 4 and above. The AKI Kids’ Club offers a full daily program of games, sports, wellness and action, making ADLER Thermae a great family destination as well.

To get to the resort I took the train using my Eurail Pass from Florence to Chiusi-Chianciano Terme train station. The resort is about 40 minutes from the train station. ADLER Thermae arranged for my transportation from the train station to the resort.