A Fall Ride Through Amish Country

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The Clear Fork Valley and the surrounding countryside are all decked out in fall colors. I’m going to let photos of the area do my “talking” in this blog! One photo is truly worth a thousand words.

Once a week, we drive to nearby Mount Vernon to shop. It’s a drive of about 15 miles one way and on the way back to Bellville, we always stop at an Amish friend’s bulk food store to stock up on homemade oat bran bread and other bulk items.

At this time of year, the drive is exceptionally beautiful with the trees dressed in their fall finest and the farm animals out grazing on the dew-laden field grass.

The Amish are partial to Jersey cows so there are a lot of them out grazing.

Our drive this past week was exceptionally beautiful and, fortunately, I had my trusty little camera with me.

The drive to the bulk food store is on well-traveled back roads, some paved but some still gravel with marks from the steel-rimmed wheels on the buggies. The sun was shining brightly and the trees looked like a Norman Rockwell painting as the sun reflected off the red, yellow and orange leaves on the trees.

As we made our way back to Bellville, we took a familiar road with a quaint little white church and the old cemetery with a lot of familiar local names. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a photo of the church with the gorgeous color of the leaves.

This time of year, fall, was my mom’s favorite season. I always think about her when the trees are in their best colors.

We’ve had several hard frosts already but when I looked out the kitchen window, I couldn’t believe my eyes! My antique rose still had blossoms … truly the last rose of summer!

After the horrid sleet and ice that fell the weekend before, it was wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun and see the beautiful countryside.

This part of Ohio is very reminiscent of New England. In years past, I have vacationed in Massachusetts and Maine, usually during the fall, and the Clear Fork Valley brings back memories of those trips.

Our sunrise on Saturday was another spectacular one ….

We had a hard frost overnight, and, this morning, the view was breathtaking with the sun shining brightly reflecting on the trees and a heavy layer of frost on the ground.

I know it won’t be long and this beautiful weather will give way to the cold and snow of winter, but for now, I’ll enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty.