Through the Eyes of a Child

For my first post I decided to submit one of my favorites so far. I like this post because it really is all about the everyday adventures we have and cherishing all the little moments that make up our memories and our lives. I hope you enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed living and writing it.

My son is in his toddler years. Everything to him is a brand new adventure and something new to explore. As he gets his walkin’ legs beneath him and ventures out into the big new world of Outdoors I can’t help but enjoy his purely genuine amazement at every little thing. Cooped up in the house for most the winter, thoroughly exploring every nook and cranny there is to explore, it’s no wonder that when he gets outside he wants to stay outside.

He sees a car go by and his eyes go wide with amazement, he giggles when our dog runs circles around him, and he runs for his swing to sit in it and feel the wind against his face, kicking his little legs and loving his brand new playground.

I try to take a lesson from my little man, try to see life as he sees it, try to enjoy life just because it’s there. Not because there is some need to find meaning, not because the sun is shining, not because there aren’t 100 other things I should be taking care of, but just because it’s there. Through his eyes, I am free. I can enjoy the simplicity of an excited puppy giving kisses and the joy of running down a hill. When you can really think of life in it’s simplest terms and just enjoy it because it’s there and for no other reason, then you understand how my toddler sees the world. He wants to be outside, wants to watch the cars go by and the dog run circles around him, just because it’s new, because it’s something different than inside, because it’s amazing.

So even when I’m tired after work, and I want to sit down and just relax, I remind myself why I get my butt off the couch and let him explore the world, following diligently behind like a good little Mommy watching him as he bends over, picks up a leaf and hands it to me saying in a way only he can … “WOW.”

I think it would be good for all of to take a lesson from him, and learn to enjoy life because we are alive and because when you think about it, it truly is amazing. Wow.