Storm Unites South Carolinians

Reader Contribution by Liberty V Justice
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One day I felt like God was calling me to go to this veggie stand in Forest Acres. It was a new area of town for me here in South Carolina. I’ve been trying to go outside of my comfort zone consistently. Had I ignored that call, I’d never have met this brilliant man named Joseph McDougall who changed my perceptions about important life issues.

Welcome to Southern hospitality. Photo: Fotolia/boscorelli

The storm seemed to have brought people to their senses a little. We now know we need to communicate with each other, at least once a week or more. Let’s check in and see how each other is doing! We are neighbors, we don’t have to like everything the other does, or buy each other’s products, but let’s get back to our roots. We used to depend more on God and each other. We knew if there was a problem our neighbor down the street would be there to help. We knew if we were gone and someone tried to rob us, it would only be an attempt, because our neighbor would take care of them until the police showed up. We didn’t let intruders get in and hurt our little towns. This storm took us back to our roots and reminded us of all this. 

Knowing Joseph has showed me there are still good people in this world. Right after this destructive flood, he kept telling me how everyone kept coming over offering to help. Isn’t it funny how God can use destruction in order to get us to create? We’ve created new friendships and forged stronger bonds with our current relationships since this all happened. I am amazed daily at how great people are and how we still come together in a crisis. In South Carolina, it’s like it’s just business as usual. When you’re not used to that, it can be overwhelming, unbelievable, and hard to handle.

People told Joseph they didn’t want money, they just wanted to help. That warms my heart and makes me believe in people again. God really blessed me with Joseph; it’s like when my power runs low, Joseph powers me up with his uplifting words.

Take some time to smell the flowers. Photo: Fotolia/Elnur

“I’m the one supplying the people of Forest Acres with these beautiful flowers, not the supermarkets.” He wants to serve people, make them happy. He makes friends with all his customers, makes them feel at home. That’s what business is all about for me; in fact, it’s what life is all about. It’s doing what you love, in the country and loving the people you do it for.  

We Southerners may get a little wet, but we paddle in the current like the champions we are, and come out in the wake more victorious than ever before. 

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