Our County Fair Has Come And Gone

Reader Contribution by Ginnie Baker
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It’s hard to believe but our Richland County Fair has come and gone. Where has the summer gone? Our Fair is a big one with a lot of activities. It’s a big job to pull everything together. This was the 164th Richland County Fair.

The Fair manager for the past 17 years, Dean Wells, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 78 just a few months before the Fair. His “right hand gal,” Kim, became the interim Fair manager, responsible for putting the Fair together, ensuring all the vendors were ready for the Fair and making sure all the activities and grandstand shows were in place.

Fortunately, she had a group behind her to help at a moment’s notice.

Kim is a friend of mine and I know she put her heart and soul into making the Fair special in Dean’s memory. And she did a wonderful job!

The Fair draws a lot of people so there was something for everyone from little kids to big “kids.” I enjoyed watching people, especially at the tractor displays.

There’s a saying, “The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.” How true, how true! But in this rural area of Ohio, it’s not just men and boys. It’s also women and girls.

No one could walk past the tractors without stopping, hopping on board and having someone take their picture. Tractors on display also included quads of all types and lawn mowers of every size and type. The displays had bright orange Kubota, fire engine red Mahindra, and green and yellow John Deere tractors and equipment.

This is definitely John Deere country but a there is a local Mahindra dealer here in Bellville.

My partner is looking for a tractor for the homestead and has looked at John Deere, Mahindra and Kubota but hasn’t made up his mind yet. We don’t need a huge tractor but a smaller one would definitely be a help since we have the regular mowing plus the pastures.

Samson and Delilah, my miniature donkeys, are so small they can’t keep the pastures eaten down! A couple of times, I thought Samson had gotten loose because I couldn’t see him in the tall grasses of his pasture!

Of course, he thought it was a game when I went running into his pasture calling his name. He started running around with his nose in the air and his “whisk broom” tail wagging in the breeze!

Personally, I’m also interested in a John Deere Gator. It would be helpful when I’m working in the garden. It’s fun looking at them and “dreaming,” but whatever we end up getting, I’m sure it won’t be this “Big Boy!”

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