Lost Ladybug Project Helps Preserve Population

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Photo By Todd A. Ugine
The Lost Lady Bug Project helps conserve today's lady bug population.

We all know ladybugs are supposed to bring good luck to the farm, particularly when they play the role of predator to other insects, such as aphids, that mischievously lie in wait to devour that prized crop when your back is turned. Did you know, however, that many ladybug species, which used to be common in the United States, are dwindling, some even on the verge of extinction?

The Lost Ladybug Project was founded to better understand the disappearance of the insect and to conserve today’s populations. This not-for-profit organization needs your help to document the ladybug species in your neck of the woods. Participants are asked to photograph the ladybugs they encounter and then upload them to the Lost Ladybug Project website. If you’d like to contribute to the cause, please visit Lost Lady Bug for more information.

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