Fusion Hybrid Flooring

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Hardwood flooring has long been a favorite choice for interior design, for both style and function.

It can provide a rustic feel to any home, a refined feel to any business, or it might simply be a pragmatic choice for cleaning and maintenance.

While hardwood floors can blend beauty and function, they are vulnerable to damage and require regular refinishing.

Slaughterbeck Floors Inc. is proud to carry what many believe to be the future of flooring: Fusion™ Hybrid Floors – the green and durable waterproof floor.

Waterproof flooring

The new challenger to all traditional forms of vinyl flooring, or luxury vinyl tile, Fusion™ Hybrid’s high density core is made of a variety of green materials including recycled woods, bamboo, limestone and virgin vinyl.

The most revolutionary new feature of this floor is its hydrophobic construction. In layman’s terms, this means that Fusionflooring will not absorb water or take damage from it over time, which will give your floor protection against the dreaded danger of water exposure to other types of floors.

Fusion™ sports a Greenguard Gold Certified approval-rating. That means not only is it made from quality materials, it is also certified by the State of California to be safe and contain minimal emissions of chemicals. Thus, Fusion™ flooring is safe for sensitive environments, such as homes with children.

Fusion flooring | courtesy Slaughterbeck Flooring

Why consider Fusion™ Hybrid?

Fusion™ Hybrid outranks other LVT’s and laminates in its durability and ease of use. The secret is its composition; three layers are used to give Fusion™ Hybrid flooring its various characteristics.

The upper layer is a wear layer that is stain-resistant and durable enough for commercial applications. The middle layer gives the Fusion™ flooring its resistance to abrasive forces, rendering it scuff, mark, and chip resistant (and attractive, to boot). The lowest layer is the Permacore layer, the ‘secret weapon’ of the Fusion™ Hybrid floor.

The Permacore layer does more than add to the impressive strike-resistant durability of Fusion™ flooring; it also grants it some unique properties. For one, it is water resistant. Fusion™ Hybrid flooring is mildly hydrophobic and does not absorb water nor take on damage from it. This also adds to the other secret of Fusion™ flooring: it is completely stable and does not expand or contract when exposed to various conditions. The size during installation is the size it will stay, meaning it won’t require replacement due to bending, bowing or other damages.

Where is it available?

Slaughterbeck Floors, Inc.
, a family-owned flooring company, is proud to supply this new flooring to Santa Clara County and adjacent counties in Northern California. They have been offering their products and services for over 30 years, gaining a favorable reputation as seen on Angie’s List and Yelp. Fusion™ Hybrid Flooring is available for viewing in the Slaughterbeck showroom in Campbell, California.