Conservation Begins At Home

Reader Contribution by John Sales
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It seems like it’s the small blessings that give the greatest rewards. We went to pay our electric bill yesterday and guess what? First, I must say that I was just a bit worried we would fall short in the ole checkbook tally before we even went. But no, after some quick math and a short prayer, I confirmed that we did indeed have enough.

So as we went to check on a very, very sick friend, whom we think the world of, we stopped in to pay our electric bill balance due. To our happy surprise? Guess what our balance was? Zero. In fact, better than zero, we even had a small credit towards the next month! Needless to say, it totally made my day.

See friends we are on what they call a “budget billing” program. Where our billing is sort of like an escrow. Personally I love it. For it is an awesome budgeting tool knowing what your bill will be months from now. Using a bit of math and averages, they bill us the same amount every month. And in the four years we have used that program, each year our monthly due goes down. In part because we become better at being more frugal with usage and also because every time we replace something we try and do it with something more efficient. And our yearly cycle rolled over this month. So in order for us to have that kind of credit that means that once more, our monthly balance due will decrease.

Let me also state that it couldn’t have come at a better time. Money is short. It’s been almost a year now since my wife walked away from her full-time job in order for us to pursue our dreams, and, friends, let me just say, it’s now become real. This is a textbook case of how every single facet of our chosen lifestyle all plays a part and takes on a role.

Money saved on electricity can be used to pay for seed. Which can save money on your grocery bill. Which the income you would have spent on that can go toward paying down debt or that mortgage that so often keeps you up at night. Friends, I’d be foolish if I didn’t say it’s hard. But we knew that when we started down this path. Can we see what’s up ahead? No. Of course not. It’s a journey just like any other. We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves and our farm. And that means guarding the checkbook with the same vigor we do the livestock. It’s all connected. Just as we are.

Personally, I believe the key to conservation is reduction. So don’t just upgrade those light bulbs and call it done. Turn them suckers off. Raise a window and let that morning breeze wake you up as it drifts into the room. For we can never save our environment if we cannot save ourselves first. And that’s worth a whole lot more than the balance not due on a light bill.

Be blessed, John


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