Where Did The Time Go

By Jane M
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Friday night I lay in bed and constructed a list of projects to do Saturday. I made it very specific. The list was then divided into three categories, barn, home and myself. I was quite proud and fell asleep knowing that I had a plan in place to conquer all my chores. Waking up early Saturday morning I headed to the barn, to get a start on my day. I was finished feeding the horse and steer. But then I discovered the steer had a large chunk of skin ripped off of his ear. That’s where the list started to dissolve. So the bum ear meant a trip back to the house to get ointment. While checking the cabinet I saw that I was running low on laundry soap. The ointment was almost gone to so I decided to grab my wallet and head to the store. Once I got to the shopping mall I decided to get my hair cut. The salon was right next door. It shouldn’t take long and the day was still early. Getting home it only made sense to take the time to make the soap. While washing up dishes, the window screens are just screaming at me that they need removed. Winter is right around the corner so why not, it should only take a few minutes. It really feels good to get something done. And there is still some day light left. Done in the house, so let’s go outside and feed the ducks and chickens. But while filling the bucket with grain another great project jumps in my head. Such a nice day, why not get that raised bed for the tomatoes done. I know I can do it, all I need is a drill, saw and a few screws. And guess what, it only took two more hours. Wait, it is starting to get dark now. Where is the time going?

Now I notice that I haven’t gotten one darn thing done on my list. Why not? I have been at it all day. I even have it written on a piece of paper. What is happening here? What went wrong with my plan? That is when I find a tube of ointment in my back pocket. So I grab a flashlight and head back outside. Maybe I can try to work on my list tomorrow.