Funny Farm

Reader Contribution by Cyndi Watson
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I could give a hundred reasons why the country, ahem, rural life could be fundamental to helping a person ‘come alive,’ but I won’t give a hundred reasons. Do you ever feel that the ride to your 9 to 5 is ugly? Do you ever feel the landscape looks gray? Maybe you want to rip your high heel shoes off and fling ’em in the next trash receptacle you see, but you won’t because you are reminded how expensive those shoes really are?

Just so you know, well-made rain or mud boots aren’t much cheaper! Still …

I have been there. I spent countless hours driving to work the same way, seeing the same tall gray and glass windowed buildings and often the same homeless people on familiar corners. I found myself racing to the next traffic light in hopes I wouldn’t catch a red one. I was always in a rush. After four years in my rural spot, I’m hardly ever rushed and if I am, it’s because of my own sloth like movements.

Some really easy and fun reasons I gave up the city life and its rat race:

* Chickens – a big leap from pigeons on a hot roof. Chickens are the bigger and fluffier version of city folk’s pigeons in the park, and you can own a few right at home. No more wasting gas visiting the grass.

* Cranky Neighbors – Miles of greeny-ness and a whole lotta distance between you and your funky but annoying neighbor who blasts her alternative nation music starting at 11 p.m., just when you start feeling tired.

* Traffic Jams – You might find a trailer jam, or tractor jam – they don’t even sound as annoying as they do funny.

* Animals – You can actually own, keep and care for a larger animal that is traditionally bigger than Fido or Kitty. It’s great to see them roam free as opposed to being chained up daily.

* Birds – Betcha if you lived in the city way too long, you forgot that birds actually come in other colors besides brown, black and gray, and they eat other things besides French fries.

And lastly …

* Solitude – Readily available as needed and it can be mixed or matched with anyone of the previous benefits to giving up the city life. Solitude is often offered up as a main dish of the rural life. It isn’t rationed off in small bits so you fear you will forget it. Nope, rural life offers the natural means to meditate.

A bonus thought I usually have – I can experience the solitude with my pets, in the green fields, away from noisy neighbors, full of vivid colors, singing and colorful birds, away from traffic jams of any kind and enjoy an open sky with an open heart.

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