Simple Sprouting for Us Simple Southern Folk

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Photo by Fotolia/Sarka

The basic rule of thumb I’ve found is this: soak dry beans overnight, then 3-4 days later (total of 4-5 days, starting after the night you soak) you can eat them. Beans are different sizes and bigger ones take longer to sprout.

Step 1: Soak dry (preferably local, organic) beans of your choice overnight in glass or plastic container (Glass is better).

Step 2: The next morning, drain and rinse beans.

Step 3: Cover the beans with a paper towel and put a rubber band around outside of the jar.

Step 4: Rinse the beans two to three times daily until they’ve sprouted to your satisfaction.

Step 5: Beans are usually done in 4 days, but as I said, the bigger the bean the longer it takes to sprout.

Lentils are my favorite, because they’re the smallest and quickest to sprout. They’re the most digestible and they taste the best to me.  I think that’s probably because they have the most or best nutrients for me, but everyone has different nutritional needs, and our needs change daily. I also enjoy garbanzo beans. 

Step 6: ENJOY! You can top the beans with sea salt, or nutritional yeast, whatever you want. Throw them in a recipe, be creative! My favorite is to put some nutritional yeast mixed with Vegenaise, I use Bragg’s Organic Nutritional Yeast. It’s really yummy, and great for people (like me) with dairy issues, (because it tastes like cheese). And it has a lot of nutrients, plus it’s shelf sustainable, so it stays good for a while without refrigeration. That’s important, because I can save money on top of all the other benefits of it. I hope you all enjoy this and will send me your feedback! Also, if you have a recipe, please send that too! I’d love to learn from you! If you have a topic you’d like me to write about, or a specific food, give me a holler! Thank you for reading! Y’all come back now, ya hear!