Meditation Releases Your Creativity and Health

Reader Contribution by Liberty V Justice
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Here are 7 Health benefits of meditation.

1) Stress Relief, thus illness recovery (it helped me with cancer)
2) Sleep
3) Gut health
4) Strength
5) Memory
6) Concentration
7) Focus

I thank God I got stomach cancer in 2014, because it put me on this spiritual journey that brought me back to better health — physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially and best of all — spiritually.

I started meditating 3 times a day in 2014.

When I meditate on a regular basis, my eating habits are better, because I’m less stressed. I sleep better, my bowel movements are better and I am better able to serve God, myself, and others. These are only a few of the measurable benefits of meditation but they’re priceless and irreplaceable to me because they make my life a lot better. I am more productive and accomplished. My writing gifts are much better when I am liberated emotionally and mentally. Meditation empties me of the drain of worry and I am filled with the blessings of energy, strength and freedom to create.

I learn things, I problem solve, and receive all types of wisdom when I am meditating.

Give it time. Like everything else in life, it takes time to get good at the practice of meditation and to see the measurable results of your progress. Being mindful and studying your neurological and physiological changes is very important. Make sure you record them on paper.

When I am less stressed, my mind is able to focus better — that’s the same with all of us, some of us have realized it, others will later if we take the opportunity to better ourselves with education.

A good medication: meditation 3 times a day for 20 minutes. With everything else, start small. Do 5 minutes if you can’t sit or lay still for 20. You’ll struggle as I did to sit still and “do nothing” as I did. As runners are only victorious if they start, after you begin a meditation regime and are consistent, you’ll be victorious if you keep sprinting towards your daily goals of personal development! Thanks for reading and giving me yourselves in the form of feedback. We are all winners when we work together!

I’m passing the torch to Brendon Burchard to teach you his “Release Meditation Technique” via his Youtube video. Enjoy!

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