How Running Helps Me Overcome My Sugar Addiction

Three and a half years ago, when I was in the middle of my bachelors, I met a man in church when I first started to become seriously ill and was diagnosed with MS. I really cared for this man, and I wanted us to spend time doing fun things that required clothing, since we both wanted to stay pure until marriage. One day, I was with my intended and he started talking about our marriage plans. I swiftly and smoothly changed the subject, “Do you like exercising?” (because not only did the thought of marriage terrify me back then, but I felt if we did that, we could become closer, and maybe I’d learn to trust someone more.) The only thing he said he liked was running. Ironically, it’s pretty much the only physical thing I hated. But since I cared so much I said “ok, let’s do that.” I really loathed this idea, but simultaneously looked forward to pretending to enjoy it, because I cared so much for the man.

I never thought I’d ever be a runner, and last year, I thought my walking days were over. For a while there I gave up. I never thought I’d enjoy running. I never thought I could enjoy life this way.

So, I decided to give running a try again a couple months ago, because I see so many people doing it, and it looks good, plus I have a professional goal I am working towards and I need to pass a physical test to do it. I need to be a good runner. I am realizing things about myself I never thought of. I guess I should’ve always known them but with so much going on, I never thought of them.

I have been reading and researching a lot about running, and I found out that running can help your lungs and breathing and a lot of your other vital functions. I read that when you run it helps your lactate levels. Lactate helps regulate the glucose levels in your body. Since I have dedicated myself to running, even when “I don’t feel like it” or “I should be working,” I have noticed a marked increase in mental capabilities, memory, clarity, focus and confidence. I have noticed better sleep patterns and much better self discipline with my food choices. I cannot tell you how happy I am about this and how proud I am of myself.

Saying no to sugar and eating a lot less sweet stuff has been a huge struggle for me even these past two years while I was sick. Really, now I’m not saying “no” to sweets or eating the wrong foods and not enough of the good, I am simply saying “yes” to myself and “yes” to running (and the people who need a healthy, strong role model. Love you people!)

When I go to run, at first I’d say, “Now you know you can’t run if you eat too much” but I often would still overeat a little and I’d make some bad choices. For example I’d choose non dairy chocolate bars instead of kale and sprouts for lunch. So, after running and becoming a little sick after those types of choices, I decided I was going to eat better, and began asking God to help me. It has become easier too, because I have felt more self confidence and more of a gratitude towards mankind, as well as I’ve felt more encouragement and positive feedback from other people on my writing. I want to thank you all for making me better! Let’s keep working TOGETHER!

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Published on Dec 1, 2015

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