Homemade Natural Toothpaste

Reader Contribution by Lee Ann Perez
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I have heard a lot of people talk about buying natural toothpaste so they can avoid the added fluoride and other additives that aren’t so good for us. But there’s no need to go to the store and buy something made by a big corporation when you can make your own homemade natural toothpaste!

There are many sites that will help to educate you about “big name” toothpaste and why it’s something we should avoid. Many of the ingredients in that toothpaste include toxins such as flouride (a toxic industrial waste product), triclosan (which disrupts the endocrine system), and surfactants (which interfere with the functioning of taste buds and have been linked to causing canker sores). After reading many of those articles and talking with friends who buy the natural stuff, I combined what I learned into this super easy recipe for homemade natural toothpaste. This simple combination will really surprise you!

The benefits of coconut oil are numerous, but when used in the mouth it helps fight the common Streptococcus bacteria that are found in your mouth and along your gum line. It also helps to reduce  Streptococcus mutans, which lead to decay and plaque. Your teeth and gums will feel clean and fresh, and the odor-causing bacteria can be kept at bay. And you will avoid all of those toxins mentioned above!

The addition of a little baking soda in this recipe creates a slightly abrasive toothpaste that will shine and whiten your teeth. The peppermint oil extract is optional to create a more traditionally flavored toothpaste.

Give this natural and very inexpensive natural toothpaste a try!

Homemade Natural Toothpaste from One Ash Farm Recipes
(this recipe can be multiplied into larger batches as needed)

3 tablespoons coconut oil
2 teaspoons baking soda
3 to 4 drops peppermint oil extract (to taste, and optional)

Mix thoroughly and store in a closed jar or container in the bathroom.

To use, use the back side of your toothbrush to loosen enough toothpaste to cover your toothbrush bristles.

The coconut oil will begin to melt when you put it in your mouth and you can just swish and brush it on all of your teeth and gums.

You can brush your tongue, and gargle with what is left before you spit it out!

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