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Reader Contribution by Liberty V Justice
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I want to help people solve their self-confidence issues. I want everyone to be as happy and fulfilled as I am. I was able to overcome cancer when I found it was caused by celiac’s disease and had to start fighting to find food I could eat. From this search for healthy food rises my hope to start a restaurant — my first philanthropic endeavor. It will be my way of giving back, because I’m thankful and I’m proud of myself for conquering unhealthy food, emotions, and all that garbage that made me sick, poor, and miserable.

Conquering ourselves and our fears can help conquer our physical problems, relationship issues, and even financial wellness. Our most important relationship is with ourselves. Often, self-love starts by watching a confident trailblazer do it. Someone who’s been through the fire and isn’t afraid to go back in and help others come out without fear of getting burned. They help show they love themselves in the way they treat us and others, and that gives the rest of us fuel to go on.

I want everyone to know that they’re worth everything. We all deserve healthy, delicious food that fuels us physically, intellectually, and spiritually, but I also want to stimulate the economy by creating jobs to help employ those who think they cannot be employed — those who’ve been in prison or are still struggling though addictions.

I want to create community. I want to show love to others until they learn how to love themselves. I want to show them encouragement and believe in them until they believe in themselves, and I will enlist others to help me do it. It takes a village not just to raise a child, but also to help adults recover and reeducate them from the lies they’ve been told about life that keep them stuck. Lies that say, “You’re not good enough.”

I want to educate the world about what it’s like to love yourself, and I want to do that by continuing to love myself. One way I can show myself love is to love others, and my restaurant will do just that when I finally break ground at my location and start giving everyone my free gift of not only food, but also friendship and community.

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