DIY Suspenders

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Gary Larson was tired of suspenders snagging, so he took rural ingenuity into his own hands.
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Suspenders are made from high-quality polyester, with no metal in them.

A rural Minnesota man wasn’t happy with the fit of his suspenders, or with the metal clips that seemed to always unclip at the most unhandy times.

“The clips had a tendency to rip up upholstery, both in the house and in my vehicles,” Gary Larson says. “I decided to redesign suspenders so that they would be comfortable, adjustable, durable, and most importantly, snag proof.”

The DIY suspenders are made from high-quality polyester, with no metal whatsoever in them. An adjustable back design lets you reconfigure the suspenders to your personal body shape, which will keep the straps on your shoulders without cutting into your neck.

“These suspenders will hold your jeans, hunting pants or dress slacks right where you want them, without irritating your neck or shoulders because there’s no metal in them,” says Larson, noting that he also wears a loose belt that slips through loops on the suspenders. “You’ll have total range of movement without worrying about straps slipping or clips popping loose.”

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Reprinted with permission fromFarm Show Magazine.

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