An Afternoon on the Farm

It’s cool today.  Highs are expected to only reach into the 50s, and the steady breeze seems to work its way right through my 4 layers of clothes.  Did I mention I’m always cold?  Fall seems to have arrived, and we’ve had to break out the jackets and hats as lows hover dangerously close to the freezing point.

We decided to head out to my parents farm and see what they were up too.  My aunt picked up my daughter last night so they could try some fishing today, which was nice because that meant I didn’t have to set my alarm in order to get her up and ready.  She’s meeting us at my parents later so I won’t have to run and get her.

My lil man wanted to go and “see Papa” who, with my brother’s assistance, was working on getting his old combine up and running in order to get his corn harvested.

Well we found them at the shop taking apart the combine trying to get the outer pieces out in order to get to some inner part they needed work on.  My son was having fun pretending to drive and looking out the big glass windshield. 

We hung out for awhile and eventually headed back to the house.  There was also a large pile of ground that he found interesting.  Good thing I put on his new tennis shoes…

It was nice to spend some time on the farm and let the lil man roam.  He loves Papa’s trackers and hanging out on the farm. 

Published on Sep 18, 2011

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