Why We Love Cattle…

As we’ve been putting this guide together, the Grit offices have been a bit overrun by cattle talk. Our research introduced us to a wonderful group of cattle people, some who blithely admit that their rare animals are “ornamental” and others who are just trying to find a place for these cattle to work. We talked to museum personnel who are after animals that resemble those that came over with the first Colonists and people who’ve had cattle in their blood from birth looking for a way to keep their farm afloat on a niche market. We talked to a woman out fixing fence and a guy in the field on his tractor. We also interacted with a number of folks who give of their time to breed associations. We want to acknowledge the contributions of the following very helpful people: Bruce Anderson, Julie Atkinson, Cherie Bayer, John Boddiker, Leoma Box, Vicki Brehm, Kathleen Curtin, Katie Danneman, Judy Decker, Drew Conroy, Jane Faul, Laura Glassmann, Richard Gradwohl, Kyle Haley, Nick Hammett, Wes Henthorn, Winifred Hoffman, Anneke Jakes, David and Tammy James, Seth Johnson, Vicki Johnson, Phil Lang, Becky Lundgren, Lori Maude, Rosie Mitchinson, Stephen Monroe, Dan Morgan, Ginnah Moses, Claudia Myers, Gabriella Nanci, Dawanna Nichols, Timothy Olson, Mary Penick, David Randall, Robyn and Jody Richards, Kathy Roncarati, Jeana Sankey, Don Schrider, Glenda Sieren, Brian and Cindy Sims, Sarah Slade, Ben Spitzer, Shelia Stannard, Martha Trantham, Dave Van Antwerp, Sabina Walsh, Sue Walters and Robert Williams.

Published on Jul 1, 2007

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