Raising Pigs: New Additions to the Farm

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Big goings-on around the farm lately. A couple weekends ago we started working on our pig shelter so we could get started on our pork production. We wanted to get them before Spring while the prices were still low on feeder pigs. But we didn’t really want to keep them in the barn with the chickens and goats for various reasons, so we thought they’d better have their own little place to call home.

We decided to build a floor for the shelter to try to help keep the pigs cleaner and dryer – in hopes that it would keep them warmer for the rest of this winter. We spent some money at the lumber mill on some pressure-treated 2-by-4s for the decking frame. (I know, probably overkill, but we figure if it holds up until after the pigs are gone we might convert it to a buck house when we have some boy goats on the farm.) But other than that the structure would be a basic pine and plywood job with some salvaged metal roofing to top it off.

It went up pretty quick, although we did run into a few problems here and there because we didn’t draw up any plans, so it was kind of piece it together as we go. But our speed-square always came to our rescue. Over the course of a couple weeks we were able to get the walls all built and covered, but we’ve yet to start putting on the roofing. Because the truck has died we haven’t been able to get the rest of the materials we need – mainly a couple more sheets of plywood that don’t exactly fit in the Scion. So we’ve been put on hold.

But today I think we might try to put the roofing on without the plywood to go beneath it – it’s probably overkill anyway. We’re going to try to move the structure to be within one of our fenced in pastures. It’s going to be a pain since we’ll have to take the walls off (thank goodness for screws), but I’m feeling more motivated now. “Why?” you ask. Well, my dear friend, because we’ve got some little bacon bits that need a home. Thats right, folks, we’ve got some piggies in the barn.

Yesterday, we decided to go for it. After finding out that half of the people selling $40 pigs were sold out, we figured we’d best get our butts in gear before we found ourselves paying more than double that. We made a trip to Fairfield where an old-time farmer had something like 50 feeder pigs for sale. Now, remember I told you that the truck has been broken down? Well, I almost hate to admit it, but we strung a tarp up within the car and layed down some straw – yep, they were going to ride home in the back of the Scion.

Let me introduce you to the gang.

First off is Brick Top (seen here on the left of the picture), he’s the biggest of the group and seems to be really taking charge. He’s got some nice coloring with a band of white between his red coat, and a couple little black spots on his rear end. Next to him, the little black-spotted guy in the center, is Boris the Butcher.

Next up we’ve got Freddy Four Fingers, all red and the loudest screamer of the bunch. He’s also the smallest and sort of the low man on the totem pole so far.

Last but not least, check out the gray and black spotted guy on the top of the heap here in the barn. This, my friends, is Gorgeous George. Yep, this is how we found all these tough guys this morning, all cuddled together in a nice big nest they built.

Needless to say, the goats weren’t thrilled last night when these boys arrived. So we felt compelled to block off half the barn to keep them separated, but everyone seemed alright this morning. We hope by the end of the day we’ll be able to move the boys out of the girls’ house so we can all live in peace again.

So, what do you think? I feel a little crazy myself. I honestly never thought I’d own pigs … they’re not my favorite farm animal – but I do love bacon. Speaking of which, I think I need to get myself some breakfast.