Turkey Egg Omelet

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Nothing says farm cooking more than a breakfast of farm fresh eggs. It is the quintessential essence of farm living; the ability to gather your own eggs from free roaming yard birds. Besides having chickens in my flock of yard birds, I do have some turkeys that have been busy producing eggs and, of course, I decided to put those turkey eggs to good use this morning and made an omelet. The turkey egg omelet was absolutely delicious! I made the omelet with bacon, spinach and mushrooms, and garnished it with a bit of cilantro.

If you ever have the opportunity to eat a turkey egg, I say go for it. You will not be disappointed. The taste of a turkey egg is not so different than that of a chicken egg; actually I think it tastes a bit better than a chicken egg. The only real noticeable difference was that the shell of the turkey egg is harder than the shell of a chicken egg.

Have you ever tasted eggs other than chicken? If so, what kind of eggs and how were they prepared?

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