Purina Webinar: Raising Happy and Healthy Chicks (Video)

By Staff

Purina Webinar: Raising Happy, Healthy Chicks

Gordon Ballam Ph.D., Purina’s poultry expert, leads a live webinar to cover the basics for raising a backyard flock of laying hens. GRIT Managing Editor, Caleb Regan, assists Gordon fielding questions from the audience.

Raising Happy and Healthy Chicks is a live webinar and question-and-answer led by Purina’s poultry expert, Gordon Ballam Ph.D., with assistance from GRIT Managing Editor Caleb Regan. Gordon covers the basics for getting started raising a backyard flock of laying hens, including different breed types, considerations for choosing a breed, and keys to successfully brooding and raising young chicks.

At the conclusion of Ballam’s presentation, Gordon and Caleb conduct a question-and-answer session in which attendees are welcome to ask questions directly related to the nutrition of their backyard poultry flock.

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