Our Laid-Back Chicken

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader
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We just have a small flock of chickens and they are all precious and cute in their own way. I wanted to share about our girl Nailie. Generally, she seems to be the most laid-back of all the chickens, but she is actually the hardest one to catch. Even when she is broody, it is nearly impossible to catch her.

When we decided to get more chickens after being down to only one, we wanted laying-age chickens that were not too old. We saw Nailie and we were told that she was 2 years old so initially we were not sure we wanted a chicken her age. We then considered that our chicken Buster was at least 5 years old and she was still productive. We decided she would go home with us. All the chickens that we brought home are Seramas.

When we first got everybody home, she was not laying even though the others were. I was really wondering if she was going to give us eggs, but eventually she did. That made me happy; I worry more about the health of our chickens when they are not laying.

I like watching her with her chill nature. There is generally not a lot of drama with her unless she goes broody. When she does go broody and I try to pull her out of the nesting box, she is quick to bolt. It makes it hard to put her in the broody breaker when we can’t catch her.

We named her Nailie because when we brought her home, her nails were so long that she could not really scratch around and do her chicken thing. With two of us working to catch her in the coop, we were able to bring her inside to trim her nails. It made such a difference and we were happy to see her scratching around.

My husband is convinced that she does know her name and he has a definite soft spot for her. He likes to sneak treats to her. I love all my chickens and they all have something special about them. Nailie is at the bottom of the pecking order and maybe that makes me have a soft spot for her. Whenever I put out treats, I am always looking for her and want to make sure that she gets her fair share. She is also a pretty girl and I sure hope she lives a happy and productive life with us.

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