Is My Hen Getting Ready to Lay?

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We have one hen that only lays eggs in the springtime. Each March we look for clues that she might start laying again. She is a bantam hen, she has the cutest little white eggs and they are so tasty. I never ate eggs before we started raising chickens because I just did not like them. However, I like the taste of our girl’s eggs.

Our little hen Buster was a stray that seem to come out of nowhere. We had no idea her age or if she would give us eggs. She hung around for several months with no egg production and we figured that would just be the way it was.

Then one day I went to check on our other chicken and found two eggs in the nesting box. It was such a big deal on the homestead. I was talking on the phone to my mom at the time and was all excited. I had to send a picture to my husband and another friend that had chickens. I had to brag on our girl.

She was really productive for a while and then she went broody and that was it until the next spring. This has happened for the past few years. She never comes back from being broody to give eggs again until the following spring. Everything is in her own time.

The major thing that gives us a clue that she will produce again is her comb. It always turns bright red and becomes much larger. Right now, her comb is looking really good. I am including two different pictures that show the comb comparison.

Another thing that was a big clue last season was when she started giving the submissive squat. In the beginning, she would do that with our other chicken, but last season she started doing it with us. She is getting a little attitude and looking so good. I keep going in as if I am going to pet her to see if she will give us the squat. She hasn’t yet, but I am feeling confident that her cute little eggs will soon be here again.