Tired of Your Coworkers? 6 Reasons to Hire a Dog

Reader Contribution by Jamie Cearley and Phd
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Meet Mosie, my little helper on the farm. 

We spend most of our days working on a wide variety of projects all geared toward keeping our small horse farm running smoothly. Some folks think Mosie isn’t much help when they see me struggling and slaving away while she lays nearby and sleeps, or worse yet has her little snoot right up in whatever I am trying to accomplish. But what they don’t know about Mosie is I would rather work with my dog than most people.

Here are six reasons why:

1. She has great enthusiasm for anything we are doing.

Mosie is always excited to start a new project. She has to see every tool I get out, follow me on every trip back to the barn, she absolutely loves it when we dig, which is far too often, and best of all she behaves as though horse manure is chocolate. You simply could not ask for a more positive enthusiastic work partner. No complaints or dragging around from Mosie, she literally jumps right into whatever the task.

2. She has always got my back.

Mosie may appear to be a cute, sweet puppy, but deep inside she is a fierce fighter watching over her territory and her alpha with keen awareness. Working alone on the farm, she provides me with a sense of confidence knowing she is constantly looking out for our safety. Rather than seeking an opportunity to stab me in the back, I am at ease knowing she has my back covered.

3. She realizes sometimes simply getting out of the way is the best way to help.

One thing fascinates me about Mosie; she is never discouraging. She shows me being an encouragement to others doesn’t necessarily require action on my part, sometimes you just simply need to get out of their way and let them thrive.

4. She knows sometimes just hanging out and being beside you is all you really need.

If you have ever worked on a farm long you know the frustration it can bring. Some days it can seem as though things are breaking simply because you walked by. Farm care is not only hard physical labor, it can also wear on you mentally as it seems we are in a never-ending battle with entropy. When I have reached my limit, just can’t carry any more, pull any harder, reach any farther and crash to the ground in exhausted despair, Mosie is there in seconds. Her little snoot roots under my arm, and she smiles her dog smile at me, as if to say, “It’s OK, just take a break and you will get it done.” She teaches me when people lose heart, or are in a time of anguish, they don’t always need your words; your presence alone will work wonders.

5. She realizes the need for balance in life.

Mosie likes to play fetch. She also likes to wrestle and just plain run as fast as she can for no apparent reason other than it feels good. Periodically, she suckers me into stopping my work and engaging in play with her for a few minutes. Maintaining a healthy work life balance is natural to her. Mosie will never become a workaholic for sure.

6. She sticks with me until the bitter end.

Some days on the farm are long. We don’t work a typical eight-hour day. This does not seem to bother Mosie. No matter how long the project takes, she is there. Her loyalty to the job and her coworker is unwavering. It is funny how much it can mean to know someone will not give up on you, no matter how long it may take you to figure out the solution to a problem, or finish a project.

I would not trade my Mosie when it comes to having a little helper on the farm. It intrigues me how much help she is in spite of having no speech, no hands, no degree, and no trade skills. Interesting, isn’t it? Dogs are cool coworkers. 

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