Sheep Names

Reader Contribution by April Freeman
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We’ve had our sheep for several months now and we are just now trying to name them. 

The most friendly ewe is Molly. To go with Molly, we have Martha and Milly.

One sheep has a very low pitched baa.

We named her Daphne after a character in the Andy Griffith show who must have smoked lots of cigarettes, so of course, we needed to name one Skippy to go along with her.

Skippy (Joyce Jameson) and Daphne (Jean Carson) from The Andy Griffith Show/

To go with Daphne, I thought it would be fun to name the rest of the ewes after mythological characters. We will have a Persephone, Phoebe and Penelope. I think mythological names fit perfectly for our sheep.

When we get a ram, he will be named Apollo, which seems like a perfect name for a ram.

The catch is this: We can’t tell any of the sheep apart. One or two have a speckle or two, but most of them are just plain white. So until we can ear-tag them to give them an identifying mark, the names will just be on a sheet of paper in the house.

It still was fun thinking of the names though.

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