Bacon Bits

Reader Contribution by Lee Ann
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Anyone who lives on a farm knows that farm life is filled with something new each day, not all of which are fun or happy. Some days it’s extreme weather changes, some days it’s veterinary needs, some days it’s a need for animal pasture changes, some days pipes are broken, and some sad days there is death. It has been a little sad around One Ash lately, with a lot of that last kind of day happening. The stories of our recently lost animals are ones that our family will remember for a long time to come, and ones that will always weigh heavy on our hearts.

But then there are the most exciting days, when God blesses us with new life on the farm. And that happened a few days ago! Last year we decided to purchase a boar to go along with our sows that were already maturing. Well, we have been waiting for “Bo” the Berkshire pig to grow up enough to breed those girls. And this week we have proof that he is indeed a big boy now. We now have four adorable little piglets running around the pig pen, romping and hopping and burying themselves in the hay. And it appears that we have another sow ready to give birth any day! We are thoroughly enjoying these little “bacon bits,” as we like to call them!

Despite the tough days on the farm, we are always receiving God’s blessings. He knows why things happen the way they do, and we have the faith to accept His will and goodness. He always guides us through the difficulties, bringing us to a better place in the end. I am amazed at the healing power and hope that has come from a few little piglets. It’s times like this that keep us farming, and loving our animals for as long as they are with us. Life on the farm is good!

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