The Mischievous Ginger and Gwen

Reader Contribution by Erin Baldwin
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Over two years ago, I decided to make the leap into raising goats. To be honest, what piqued my interest in diary goats was the need for an alternative to breast milk after giving up breastfeeding my first little one following several terrible bouts of mastitis. Little Farmer T was diary obsessed, and still is, so I wanted an option that I controlled to ensure that it was hormone, antibiotic and toxin free. Diary goats seemed like the perfect answer.

Our four Nubians have been wonderful to raise. They are full of personality, and their friendly and gentle dispositions make them the perfect farmyard companion for the kids. We introduced a buck into the herd last fall and after a successful breeding period, we are eagerly anticipating our first kidding season here on the homestead.

Gypsy, our first Nubian to give birth, delivered twin doelings last week. Now several days old, they are all legs, ears and spunk.

My sister, Amy, and I have decided that we are going to go the milk-once-a-day route. We have numerous reasons for doing this. First, we need the flexibility in our schedules. Secondly, we can raise the kids with their mothers to eliminate the need to bottle-feed and the cost associated with milk replacer. We understand that this option isn’t the best for maximum milk production, but since we will probably get around a gallon a day from a single morning milking of our four does, we should have more then we need to drink with a little leftover for making cheese, yogurt and soap. 

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