The Goats vs. The Doc

Reader Contribution by Nancy Addie
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And then, there were the goats. They are very smart and know Mike the Hoof Man’s truck and they recognize Dr. Smith’s oversized, gleaming white 4×4. We can have 50 trucks, cars and vans drive up our well-worn driveway and they will glance up, snort defiantly and keep on eating in feigned disinterest. BUT, as soon as Mike or Larry drive up, they do their little goat dance and jump, running towards anything that will hide them!

When Doc Larry pulled up, they high tailed it to the back of the barn, trying to squirm under a bush. Two full grown goats trying to squeeze themselves under a bush usually big enough for a rooster and a hen or two! They sat perfectly still, barely breathing, thinking they had accomplished the perfect get-a-way. Doc decided to tackle them first since the other animals were already galloping into frenzy at the very sight of him. So we causally walked towards them, pretending we couldn’t see them. Doc was on one side, me on the other, getting ready for a grab and pull.

Oh, but my mountain goat is smarter than she looks. She BAAAAA’D long and loud and pushed herself out from under that low laying bush, practically rolling poor Dillon down the slope that the bush grows atop on. Come to think of it, I believe she did that on purpose! She pushed defenseless Dillon towards the doc as a sacrifice, which gave her time to find a new spot to hide in. Unfortunately, both goats managed to get away and ran into the barn where we found them crouched behind the chicken coop with only a tail sticking out.

At this point, it was ON with Doc on one side, me on the other, and two shaking goats in the middle. He grabbed the slightly more compliant Dillon first by the collar and pulled him out giving two quick shots as Sierra BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’d longer and louder than I have ever heard her do before! Doc then grabbed her, gave her the first shot, and reached as she jumped high into the air trying to twist her body out of his grasp! Doc held on with Superman strength and gave her another shot which made her in turn glare at ME standing there.

Both goats bolted out of the barn and back to the bush. They gave whoops of warning to the rest of the frightened animals already leery of the guy in the big white truck. The horses and Dunkay seemed to huddle, devise a plan and split up as if to say we couldn’t catch them if they were in the four corners of the pasture. This is where my adult son Kyle came in. The ensuing chase helped make sure that Sparky and all humans in pursuit got a year’s worth of exercise. Sheeesh!!

And later on, I will relate about the girl Llamas and Stormy in the back pasture and the mother-of-all chase scenes. Yup, Stormy was a bad boy! Poor Doc Smith, I think every time he pulls up into our driveway, he makes the sign of the Cross and says a desperate prayer, “Father, it’s Addie Acres again … favor please!” I am pretty sure his faith has been expanded.

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