Good Things DO Come in 3s!

… three, 4-leaf clovers

Earlier this year I posted on our farm blog about finding a 4-leaf clover. The chances of finding one are slim … it’s said for every 10,000 3-leaf clovers you find, you may find only one, 4-leaf clover.

That same day, I found 2 more … I was stunned, and thought, “Wow, something good must be about to happen!”

… three new hens

A friend of ours decided that 6 of her hens needed a new home … she had already found a home for three of them, and wondered if we’d mind taking the remaining ones.

And so that’s how Eulalie, Alma and Ethel came to Windy Meadows Farm. Our daughter had just been in The Music Man, and for those of you familiar with the musical, those are the Pick-a-Little Ladies … and because those new gals chatter non-stop, the names are perfect!

… three new goats!

Here’s another post from mid-summer … do you remember the sweet little face of G. B., the bottle-fed kid from our 4-H adviser’s farm? We all fell in love with him when we had the chance to goat-sit for a weekend! Not long afterward, my hubby sent a text from a 4-H meeting, it read: “So, do you want THREE wethers?”

Did I? He already knew the answer! Here’s a copy of my birthday card from way back in March …

And so, it’s been almost 3 months now, it’s time you met the newest members of the family (almost 5 months old):

And this pixie-eared fella …

I know, that’s 4, not 3 … but he needed a home, too. And we just fell in love with those little ears!

A new adventure has begun on the farm … and we couldn’t be more excited! Actually our son has become quite the goat-herder, and I’ve learned that trips to the goat barn ALWAYS require boots and an apron!

And so you may wonder, what’s on my nightstand for some pleasant, bed-time reading these autumn nights?

Why, Raising Goats for Dummies, of course!

Published on Dec 5, 2013

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