The Donkey Chase

Reader Contribution by Nancy Addie
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Defying the laws of physics, Dunkay managed to fit his plump, furry body through a tiny opening in the back gate and into the forbidden pasture with rogue llama Stormy. Mini-horse Lacy, aka The Tank, tried to follow him, but is a bit chunkier than he is and looked like the oft-fought battle many fight with skinny jeans a size too small. She twisted, snorted and tried to jump. She gave up and backed out while Dunkay stood there mockingly with a mouthful of grass. Sparky, not to be deterred or outdone by a mere donkey, thought she could get through to the field of plenty and squeezed, whinnied, stomped her hooves and got stuck like a cork.

I stood there watching the performance as my eyes rolled with the words, “oh, brother” coming out of my mouth along with “c’mon!” With indifference at this point, I went to the other side with Dunkay and I pushed Sparky’s head and shoulders, forcing her to go backwards and freed her from the trap. I must admit I was tempted to leave her there and be contented with a scolding of “bad horse, very naughty”!

I then turned my attention on the original issue, Dunkay! We sized each other up for about 15 seconds, me with narrowing eyes and he with the amusement of knowing it would soon be chase time. I stepped toward him and he stepped back. I raised my arms to start my ‘famous crazy farmer lady yell,’ and he, unfazed, turned around and trotted to the back part of the pasture. The games had begun!

I chased, he dodged. I yelled waving my arms, he threw his head back and loudly, with seeming laughter, let out a ‘HEE HAW.’ We sparred back and forth as Stormy camped in the corner watching.

All the while, chickens scattered, feathers flying, while the mama hen protected chicks as we barreled through the middle of the flock that previously had been peacefully pecking away at the grass. It seemed the madder I got, the greater energy and happiness he bolted with. He won. This time.

I left him there for Super Farmer to deal with when he got home. Later on around dusk, I listened as Dunkay sounded out his amusement when Super Farmer chased him back and forth yelling out words like, ‘Idiot, stop, awww, come on!’ I quickly went outside and pulled up a rocker to watch the unfolding show. I definitely got my money’s worth!

Super Farmer gave up. He came back to the house mumbling as he scraped the poop off of his dress shoes with tie flapping behind him. He gave me a ‘don’t even say it’ glare, so silently I giggled and gave a thumbs up to Dunkay. Later, a simple offering of carrots tempted Dunkay to follow me without fanfare as he smugly returned to his own field. Just another day at Addie Acres.

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