Best Livestock to Raise for Small Homesteads (Video)

By Staff

Best Livestock to Raise for Small Homesteads (Video)

Kellsey Trimble, Associate Editor of GRIT Magazine answers the reader-submitted question: “Besides chickens, what are some other types of livestock that would be good to start with on a small homestead?”

A natural step-up from chickens would be rabbits. They are small, and can be contained in hutches. Rabbits provide great manure, meat and even fiber if you wish to work with fibers on your farm.

Two larger options for livestock would be goats and sheep. Goats have great personalities and can provide both meat and dairy. They are also known to clean up fence lines, pastures and brushy areas. Be careful though, they are known escape artists so investing in better fencing is ideal when raising goats. Another alternative would be sheep, they can provide both meat and fiber for your homestead. These are both great options for progressing to medium-sized animals when diversifying livestock on a small homestead depending on your needs.

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