Help with Joyous Dog Behavior

Reader Contribution by K.C. Compton
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As Constant Reader has already seen in earlier blogs, I relatively recently adopted a completely adorable cocker/poodle mix from the local humane shelter. He stole my heart the minute I laid eyes on him and is still absolutely the object of my affection. He’s gained several pounds (from a nearly starved dog to a little round chunk, actually) and has easily settled in with my elderly dog and my adolescent cat. He is joyful, energetic and adoring, the happiest of happy dogs.

I, however, am not the happiest of happy dog wranglers. He doesn’t have the very best manners and insists on jumping up on visitors. Since the farm I live on has a U-pick operation and, therefore, lots of visitors, CP needs to learn to keep his paws to himself.

But the worst thing he does is get to my front door, get just about ready to come in the house, then look at me with complete joy and mischief in his eyes and gallop away. He wants to play, thanks. He doesn’t quite agree with the go-inside-now plan. To my enormous chagrin, this behavior most often happens when I am dressed and ready to drive into town to my job. So I am faced with two options: Chase him down or just let him stay outside all day and hope my neighbors will take pity on me and toss him in the house if they can lasso him once he’s worn himself out. Either way, I end up late for work.

So what I would love to know from our wonderful readers – so many of whom are dyed-in-the-wool dog people – is what I can do to break this bad behavior and get him to come when I call? The not-jumping-up-on-people thing would earn bonus points.


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