For the Love of Dogs

| 1/16/2013 1:09:26 PM

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For the Love of Dogs

Marie and I have always enjoyed the company of canines.  Trained to behave in a civilized manner and be indoors with us much of the time, they were more members of the family than pets.  Last summer we lost both of our pampered pooches.   


First was Zadie.  She was accustomed to heading up into the woods in the morning with her adoptive sibling Dolly and their friend from down the road, Boots.  That day was no different except that they did not return for breakfast.  It wasn’t like Zadie to miss a meal.  Any meal.  Ever.  And we became concerned.  Later in the morning Dolly returned, without Zadie (also unusual) and acted very strangely.


Dolly had been dumped on this mountain before we arrived.  When we moved into this home, she watched us for a while from a rocky outcropping above us, then decided she would take us under her wing (so to speak) and teach us to be proper mountain folk.  By this time we had been together for about 11 years.  Zadie arrived as a pup – apparently dumped as well – and Dolly took her in and mentored her in proper civilized behavior.  One of her most adamant tenants was that good dogs don’t “go” in their yard, but head up into the trees to do their business.  I particularly appreciated this personal habit.  But starting after Zadie's disappearance, Dolly would not go more than a couple of feet past the tree line for her personal hygiene needs and NEVER went off a-wandering or chasing small game as she always had before.

Boots was oddly absent as well.  He used to visit every morning, but for days we had not seen hide nor hair of him.  Finally I did catch a glimpse of him, waved and shouted “Hi Boots!”.  He tucked his tail and scurried off as though I’d threatened him.

Cindy Murphy
1/21/2013 3:13:53 PM

What a wonderful thing you and Marie are doing, Allan! Kudos, kudos, and more kudos to you both. It's also nice to hear you've offered Cochise a forever home. I remember reading about him a while ago, and wondering than if he'd become a permanent member of your family.

1/20/2013 3:23:36 PM

Allan, sad story that turned into a very heart warming one. I'm glad that you have found a niche to remember the dogs that you loved. Pets are a wonderful thing but they just don't last long enough, in my humble opinion. Have a great dog rescue day.

Chuck Mallory
1/17/2013 1:39:53 PM

What a heartwarming story. I always love good dog stories, and you guys are doing some very helpful work there. Loved the line about the recovery being like "the witness protection program--a new name and move to New Jersey." Maybe Marie should write comedy!

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