Keeping Ducks with Chickens

| 3/10/2016 10:38:00 AM

Candi JohnsI have been waiting for this all winter. Spring! Baby poultry are showing up in farm stores everywhere. Next time you visit the feed store nearest you, you may consider sticking a duckling or two in the box with the chicks. If you love chickens, you may love ducks too.

Ducklings are just like baby chicks except they are ducks. They have the same needs as a baby chick:

• Warmth (heat lamp)
• Food
• Water (ducks will need more water than chicks)

For details on bringing up ducklings (and chicks) go here.

keeping ducks

We own American Pekin Ducks. Not because that is what we wanted, but because that is what our Tractor Supply had for sale the day we brought home 3 ducklings.