Life Lessons Learned at the Country Feed Store

Homesteaders know they can find just about everything they need to get by when it comes to the country feed store.

From feed for your livestock to tools to hard-working apparel to friendly homesteaders who’ll not think twice about saying hello or giving you free advice. Everything I ever needed to know I learned at the country feed store.

  • WD-40 and duct tape can fix anything 95 percent of the time.
  • Nothing smells better than new leather gloves.
  • Apparel bought at a feed store has character.
  • There are 101 uses for burlap bags.
  • Barcodes and scanners are overrated.
  • Scales are functional works of art.
  • Children love bins full of shiny nails and must be watched like hawks.
  • A guy in a seed cap usually knows the skinny in town.
  • Credit doesn’t have anything to do with plastic.
Published on Sep 1, 2006

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