A Victory for Backyard Chickens

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Since I last posted (sorry it took me so long) the chicken law needed to go to the planning commission to get it’s okay, then it would become law. Well things did not go so well with the planning commission -members thought it would ruin the image of Burton if they allowed chickens and one man said chickens just had so many diseases it would endanger the public if they allowed them. So with only me in the audience in favor of backyard chickens, the law was quickly turned down.

All hope was not lost, although believe me I felt that way, the city council could override the planning commission’s recommendation. So I was excited when I heard the council was having a meeting about the chicken ordinance on July 6.

As I sat in the council meeting trying to decide what to say Bat reached over and whispered in my ear that he would speak about the chickens if I wanted him to. You know I said yes – whew no worries about turning red! So when it came time for audience participation he got up to speak, and then a neighbor down the street spoke in favor of chickens. One lady spoke up and said she would like to have chickens for her grandchildren and another lady living here from Australia spoke up and said it would be a great experience for her children, and she would love to give a go. She spoke about a Chicken 101 class in Genesee County somewhere – wish I had gotten a chance to speak with her afterwards you know that would be a great class to take.

Then the council spoke – all except one were in favor of backyard chickens in the City of Burton. I’m sure he is a nice guy anyway. You can read more about it in this Flint Journal article.

Can you believe it? Chickens are legal in the city of Burton! Many thanks to city council member Paula Zelenko for her tremendous help in getting this law passed. Many thanks to the rest of the council for having open minds and thinking outside the box as Bat would say.

The law states you have to have a ½ acre of land, but you are able to go before the planning commission if you have less and ask to keep chickens. You can keep 6 chickens but no roosters. I just can’t imagine going out in my backyard and gathering fresh eggs. Just the thoughts of that connects you more to the land you live on. I’m not sure how many people will have chickens but the idea of backyard chickens is becoming more popular and I think it’s great the city I live in has given the okay for people to have the option.

Ahhh, finally Chickens!