The Happy Scientist

 As a homeschooling mom, I’m always concerned about whether my son is enjoying learning, and really “learning how to learn”.  So it’s gratifying when he pursues learning in his free time.

Of the many books on our living room shelves, two are specifically science experiments for children, “101 Great Science Experiments”, by Neil Ardley, and “101 Nature Experiments”, by David Burnie. The other day, my son was browsing through them and decided to try making the homemade flashlight. For perhaps a variety of reasons, he could not get it working. Possibilities include not having the exact bulb holder the directions called for, weak batteries, bad wires. Whatever it was, after a number of failed atttempts, he put the whole thing away. The impressive thing here is that he went after it on his own, and though his several attempts failed, I assured him it is not always so. It could even have been faulty directions. At any rate, after his initial disappointment wore off, I caught him gathering supplies for a new experiment, this time from his science book. I expect he’ll have better results with this one – it’s non-electric.

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Published on Jan 27, 2012

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