Raising Chickens Ruined My Social Life

Reader Contribution by Jayme Goffin
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Not that I had much of a night life to begin with, but I do have a rather busy social schedule. Cooking clubs, gardening and beekeeping clubs – girlfriends, etc. Friends and family are paramount to me. Shortly after getting a dozen hens, I planned a full day of visiting friends and family. I felt as guilty as a mom leaving her toddler for the first time. I kept worrying. I had just put them out in the coop a few nights ago, should I stay home to make sure they roost? Why don’t they go up to the roost box themselves, goofy goofballs. Why did I even get chickens? They smell.

We had a lovely time out at a Car Show with our friends When they mentioned going out to eat afterwards, I felt a knot in my stomach. It was 7pm. Who’s gonna lock up the chickens? I tried to be polite and laugh and talk, but I was worried SICK over my girls, and could barely eat my cheeseburger, fries and rootbeer. I mean, I left one french fry on the plate for goodness sakes. I was just too upset to eat.

We didn’t get home until about 10:30. I ran to the coop. Literally. I counted them. They were all there and accounted for, and I’m sure that if we’d returned home five minutes later there would have been carnage.

Can’t even go out for a late night burger. Thanks chickens.

Helen scolded me like a teenager when I got home.

I rolled my eyes. GEEZ. I was right up in town. My cellphone was dead. I would have called. You shouldn’t worry so much. I was with friends!

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