Rock and Mulch Guard May Benefit Your Plants

The Rock and Mulch Guard solves the problem that gardeners are always facing: Having to pull rocks out of the mud and away from their plants.  Invented by gardener Garry Mueller, the Rock and Mulch Guard prevents the rocks from working their way down into the mud during early spring snow melt and rain. According to garden center managers, one of the most asked questions is: Is there a product that keeps rock and mulch away from the plants?

The Rock and Mulch Guard keeps rocks away from the base of the plants and saves time for the gardener by not having to remove them manually. In the summer months, rocks can heat up to 140 degrees around the plant, making it hard on the plant. The Rock and Mulch Guard prevents this from happening. It collects water and fertilizer and sends it straight to the root system stimulating growth so the plants are larger and healthier.  Plants such as hostas and day lilies need to be thinned every two to three years, but with the Rock and Mulch Guard in place you don’t have to do this. The plants won’t grow outside the Guard because of the weed barrier they are on. The Rock and Mulch Guard can be used for flowers and also other garden plants such as tomato plants, eggplants, peppers and many others.

The Rock and Mulch Guard has four legs with a flange around the bottom that rocks and mulch sit on to help hold it down and firmly in place.  It is available in 8-inch and 12-inch sizes. An 18-inch is in development. The sides are 3 inches in height and are tapered 5 degrees so that they stack on top of each other. The Rock and Mulch Guard requires no assembly and provides years of trouble-free use. 

The inventor is currently looking for a licensee.  For more information, email Garry Mueller or call 402-727-7462.

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