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Hailstorm Safety
Take shelter if hail is possible during thunderstorms.

Buying a Tractor: Top Considerations No Matter the Size
When buying a tractor, a closer look at your farm and acreage is the first step in considering a new (to you) tractor purchase.

Grade “A” Lane
With the right tools, gravel road maintenance and driveway upkeep are all part of country living.

Fail-Proof Methods to Make Fire
From bow drill to fire plow and magnesium fire starters, equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to make fire in any circumstance.

Choosing Between Types of Grills & Types of Smokers
Get help choosing among the wide variety of different types of grills and smokers.

Icehouses Before Modern Refrigeration: How Ice Was Kept Frozen on the Homestead
Icehouses were the answer to our ancestors’ food storage and other problems during early homesteading days, long before the modern refrigerator.

Rabies Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatments in Humans and Farm Animals
Although rare, make sure your animals’ rabies vaccinations are up-to-date to ensure rabies prevention in both human and animal.

Stave Off Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes can ruin a pleasant summer evening. With a little guidance, maybe you can minimize their impact.

Keeping Chickens Cool During Summer
Keeping chickens cool during summer just got a little easier with our simple tips about coop ventilation, misters, nutrition, hydration, and more.

Raising Rabbits for Beginners
Raising rabbits for the first time is a fun and rewarding experience.


Our View
Tending the Fire

Mail Call
Hooked For Life, The More Things Change, Time Well Spent, Labeling Garden Plants, Correction

Friends & Neighbors
Water Trough Tips Forward for Easy Cleanout & Trimmer Plate Stops Grass From Wrapping from our friends at Farm Show.

GRIT Gazette: Hometown Buzz
Winemaking Workshop
Rodale Webinar
20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2017
High Tunnel Tricks
Artisanal Grain Production

Gazette: Hatching a Plan
It’s all in a day’s work for entrepreneur Ryan Kelsey, an 18-year-old who rises with the chickens.

Comfort Foods: Summer Sandwich Recipes
Any way you stack it, these sandwich recipes are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Recipe Box: Flower Jelly Recipes
Use edible flowers to make delicious flower jellies to complement sweet and savory dishes.

American Heirlooms: Growing Bramble Fruit
Bramble berries are a favorite simple-to-grow summertime snack.

In the Wild: Snakebites and How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard
Expert advice on the real risk and odds of snakebites, as well as how to keep snakes out of your yard and minimize their presence in country life.

In the Shop: DIY Project for Your Pickup Truck
This DIY project for a sliding cargo tray will give you plenty more DIY storage.

Sow Hoe: Growing Brassica Vegetables
Brassicas are a world of crops, colors, and flavors under a single plant genus.

Looking Back: Fishing Memories with Grandma
Learning how to fish with Grandma created priceless memories.

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