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From the January/February 2018 issue:

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Find the Right Brew For You
Prepare your best cup of homemade coffee with this guide to different brewing methods.

Long-range Weather Forecasting
Wondering what lies ahead in terms of winter weather? Find out how meteorologist get their extended forecasts.

Keeping Your Herd Healthy
Learn to identify and manage health problems with your livestock before experiencing loss in production.

Finding Your New Farm Home
Tips for locating your perfect property in the country.  

Making Soap the Old-fashioned Way
Learn how to make your own lye from ashes, and then use it to cook up a mild, soft soap perfect for personal use.

Poultry on Pasture
Get started raising free-range poultry with this guide to foraging, mobile coops, predator protection, and more.

Breaking Down Beef Subprimals
Save money and expand your culinary skills by learning how to butcher two great beef subprimals: the beef chuck roll and beef top sirloin.

How to Start Seeds Indoors
Get your plants off to a good start with these tips for indoor seed starting.

How to Pick the Perfect Farm Dog
Find out what makes a good farm dog, and what to consider when choosing your next country canine. 


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Our Dogs

Mail Call
Delaware Chickens; Nor’easter Question; Fine Figs; No-till Advocate; Gritty Delivery; Forever a Fan; Building Up Children; Young Fan; Flower Jellies.

Friends & Neighbors
Looking for Homestead Mentor; Tractor Parts; Recipes; New and Old Country Friends; Innovative Hoop Houses from our friends at Farm Show.

GRIT Gazette: Hometown Buzz
A Taste for Change
Cabbage Across the Country
Covering All Ground
Seed Growers Conference
Southern SAWG Conference

Gazette: Tapping Maple Trees
A Beginner’s guide to making your own maple syrup.

Comfort Foods: Sourdough Simplified
Sourdough doesn’t have to be complicated. Make delicious homemade bread with these easy-to-follow instructions.

Recipe Box: Perfect Pot Pies
Warm up on a cold day with a bowl of delicious pot pie and a fluffy baking powder biscuit.

In the Shop: DIY Screen Door
Step-by-step instructions for a beautiful wood screen door that will stay on its hinges for many years to come.

Sow Hoe: Successful Succession Planting
Keep the veggies coming year-round with the help of succession planting.

American Heirlooms: Saffron: The Red Gold in Your Garden
Easily grow “red gold” and cultivate one of the most valuable spices right in your own garden.

Looking Back: How the West Was Won
Among the beautiful scenery of the Rio Grande Valley, one cowboy has a close encounter with fellow travelers.

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