Injured Bird Helped by Mountain Man

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Last night, there was a storm raging outside our house. Rain fell incessantly and the wind howled. Khrysta was dry in her stall, the dogs were in their beds and Mountain Man and I were snuggled under layers of quilts. But what about the birds? Do you ever wonder what happens to them in a storm? The next morning, when I went to feed Khrysta I discovered that sometimes bad weather means trouble for birds.

I found a small bird clinging to a stump in our yard. At first, I thought it was resting but when it didn’t fly away as I approached, I decided to investigate further. I discovered it was actually stuck to the stump. I thought one of its claws was stuck and I easily removed the bird from the stump but then he just fell over on the ground and couldn’t move. I called for Mountain Man. He discovered that some sticky, wet debris had become enmeshed in the birds claws basically binding its feet and wings together. And then, the hands that so skillfully turn logs into art, gently unwound and removed the debris from the bird’s feet and wings.

Poor bird. His two feet were stuck together.

Mountain Man begins to remove debris from bird’s feet.

It was a time consuming process and for the most part, the bird was very patient as if he realized Mountain Man was helping him.

Mountain Man continues to work on removing debris from bird’s feet.

But every once in a while, he thought Mountain Man deserved a good peck.

Bird pecks Mountain Man

It was delicate work.

Mountain Man begins to remove debris from bird’s wings.

Mountain Man worked on each claw slowly and carefully.

Mountain Man working on bird’s claws.

There you go Little One. We’re all finished now.

Mountain Man releases bird.

He’s off and running and after a few steps, he flew away.

Bird running on ground.

I’m glad this story has a happy ending thanks to Mountain Man, and it’s just another one of the many reasons I love him.