Hurricane Earl and Autumn Update

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Well, well, well….It just amazes me how fast the temperature can turn. Last week it was so hot and muggy you could have steamed carrots in the greenhouse. A week after “Earl” went by, God flicked the switch and it’s now freezing out. We actually had to start the furnace tonight.

Mind you the first day of school it was still hot and the kids actually went in shorts. That’s the first time ever. I don’t even remember going to school in shorts. Some schools in Halifax let the kids go home because of the heat. See the schools around here don’t have air conditioning.

The pastor we met on the ferry actually called us on the Sunday after the hurricane to see how we had fared. It’s nice to know that there are actually people out there who honestly care.

The funny thing is that Hurricane Earl turned out to miss us and hit Halifax. We were prepared and they weren’t. Bummer for them. Good for my sunflowers. A few fell but most stayed up. Nothing was damaged around here either. Mind, we had strapped everything within an inch of it’s life, so short of a tornado would have moved anything. It was actually anti climatic. On that Saturday morning we sold out of batteries. Funny. But I guess it’s better to be prepared.

There are so many things I love about having animals. But there is one thing I really despise about having them and that is BUGS!! Oh mylanta! The last few weeks every time I leave the chicken coop I have a little bug or two on my arm. Nothing serious. It kinda looked like baby spiders. I can handle that. Then Friday night I stuck my hand in the hen’s nest. I took my arm out and it was full of bugs!! UGGGGHHH. Oh my, oh my, oh my! I brought the eggs in the house and they were crawling with these little buggies also. So we went out with the Raid. Now 99% of the time I do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g organic. But when it comes to stuff like that, I whip out the Raid can.

When we got to the coop we opened the lid of the nest and it was teaming with crawlies!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think it was baby spiders. I think it was a kind of mite. What ever it was, they is dead! Saturday I Raided that coop. I’m amazed the the hens are still alive. What saved their butts is that I let them loose outside. I never suspected anything since the hens weren’t scratching. Oh well. We should be fine for now. I hope.

Today was the second annual Meteghan Family Picnic. We were asked to bring Cindi Lou Who for the kids. It went well. Well kind of. I brought her in the back seat of the car. (uhmmmm didn’t I say in a post somewhere, that I would not bring a goat in my car again…) She wouldn’t lay down, sooo you know what they say…a goat won’t poop or pee if it’s laying down. Well, she pooped in the car. Dangit! At least I had the dog cover on the seat. Phew!

But the kids loved her. But again, most kids had never seen a goat other than in photos and a few adults asked if it was a dog. Huh?

On the way home we stopped to get an ice cream. Again…not a good move with a goat in the car. I’ll never learn, will I.

Guess what I found in the weed garden a.k.a the veggie patch. Tomatoes!! Beefsteak tomatoes! I’m so impressed. It was hard to find them in all 2 foot high grass, but I found them.

The greenhouse is almost over for the season. I figure by next week I’ll be cleaning it. I have been forbidden from making anymore pickled beets. Like I’ve said before I hate the darn things, but I love making them. But that is one thing that actually grew well in the garden this year. I still have a row of them left, but Dave won’t let me pickle them.

Little does he know, I’ll get to them eventually. Muahhahahahahaha!!!